About the Spoke Head Identification Chart

Both John Hurley and Robert Shackelford are members of the ClassicRendezvous classic and vintage bicycle discussion list. Several times in the past discussions have popped up regarding the identity of certain spokes with certain markings. As it turns out, John Hurley was already maintaining a personal document with a list of spokes he knew of already - Robert Shackelford provided several more. That list on occasion was pasted into a posting for the discussion list as well.

After several private emails with Robert Shackelford, John Hurley expressed the wish for someone to put together a web-based gallery of sorts that would include graphics and photos of known and yet-to-be-identified spokes.

...hence the "genesis" title assigned to John Hurley.

Starting late January of 2011, Robert Shackelford finally got around to creating the HTML tables formatted web page. In order to minimize portability issues, it is not a database generated web page. Rather it uses a BASH script to build "arrays" containing text filenames, graphic filenames, and photo filenames which are then dumped and formatted pulling the text files, graphics and photos into the desired page - which is what is seen now in its latest iteration. This effort can be mirrored elsewhere by simply copying the folder that it is all contained in onto a Unix-based webserver with BASH installed and enabled and then launching the script that generates the page.

January 31, 2011