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Updated: 5/25/2017

Free Spoke Length Calculation Program Executables and Source Code

I have rewritten my C++ code to compensate for spoke hole diameters during the calculation process. I have also compiled the code for:

Feel free to download and compile my code for your own platform - Darwin, MacOSX or whatever floats your fancy! Be aware, you may have to use a C++ 11 build environment. If you want to thank someone for this, be sure to thank the folks who maintain Open Source GNU C / C++.

For most front wheels, you only need to do one calculation. For most multi-speed rear and disc front wheels, you will need to perform a separate calculation for each side of the wheel you are going to build.

32 Bit Windows Executable and Libraries

*** Be certain to download all three into their own unique folder! ***

64 Bit Windows Executable and Libraries

*** Be certain to download all three into their own unique folder! ***

The following is the source code for the above "spokev2_w32.exe" and "spokev2_w64.exe" executable binaries. Feel free to modify however you like - expand, loop, featurize to your heart's content. Also feel free to port to any platform of your choice.


Important Note:

The above have been released free to the public. Should you choose to distribute yourself AS-IS or with your own modifications - you agree to do so freely as well with no charge to public or private parties.

Multi-Tabbed Spoke Length Calculation Spreadsheet for Folks in a Hurry

Linked below is a spreadsheet that contains 7 tabbed worksheets that provide the following:

This is an update of Version 1.0 which was also released in 1996.

Simply download the spreadsheet and save to your hard drive. In order to actually use the inputs and calculation of the "Spokechart" tab you will need the following:

Be sure to read all sections of the "Instructions" tab. It explains the function or purpose of each of the other tabs - including assumptions about guages, ERDs, and the like.

spokechart_v2-0.xls 11/14/2020

Important Note:

Please DO NOT MODIFY the spreadsheet yourself AND THEN DISTRIBUTE TO OTHERS!!! I prefer to maintain editing ownership of the spreadsheet in order to keep it clean, organized, accurate and consistent.

DO CHECK BACK EVERY WEEK OR SO as I do frequent updates as I encounter new hubs and rims and manufacturer publications of hub and rim specs.

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