Wheels By Fleming
San Jose, California

The Business

Wheels By Fleming is an importer of bicycle wheel parts from Taiwan and an assembler of bicycle wheels. The proprietor is Robert Shackelford, of San Jose, California with 5000+ wheels of bicycle wheel building experience. Almost all bicycle wheels from inventory consist of alloy hubs, alloy rims and stainless steel spokes. Wheels By Fleming also provides custom wheelbuilding service.

The Business Objectives

Expected Production Volume

Expected production volume is 10 to 20 bicycle wheels per week. The are no plans to expand to a regulated store front in the event that production falls short of demand.

Summary of Operations


Production of bicycle wheels occurs from January through November of each year. Special order production of bicycle wheels may occur in December but will be rare. December is regarded as a wind-down sales only month.

Sales and Delivery

Sales and delivery occur from January through December of each year.

Becoming A Value Added Wholesaler or Reseller

Telephone or email mrrabbit@mrrabbit.net. Depending upon your location, I will either visit in person or snail mail a packet to you. The packet contains:

Other Business Information

For all other information and inquiries, try the links in the index on the left, call, or simply email mrrabbit@mrrabbit.net.


Robert Shackelford, a.k.a. "MrRabbit", a.k.a. "Fleming"

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