Wheels By Fleming
San Jose, California

Wheels By Fleming are . . .


All wire-spoked wheels are assembled by hand. Spokes are drawn into the hub and to the rim by hand with the nipples set 2-3 turns by hand before a nipple driver is utilized.


All nipple seats on wire-spoked wheels are lubed with a drop of lightweight oil. This is to ensure that nipples do not gouge or eat into the rim metal during truing and tensioning. Gouging or "eating" is common with machine-built wheels from the factory.


All wire-spoked wheels are hand-trued. While a dial indicator may be used for spot checking, 99% percent of all the truing activity is done using a spoke wrench and the un-aided eye.


All wire-spoked wheels are tensioned "Italian style". While a tension meter is used to check relative tension between spokes and overall tension, sound, feel, nipple and seat behavior and rim response after a stress relief cycle are the the final determinants as to whether a wheel is finished. If after a stress relief cycle, the wheel stays true, dished and in the desired tension ballpark, the wheel is considered done.


All wire-spoked wheels are dished using a dishing tool. The auto-dishing feature of the Park Tool Truing Stand is not utilized or relied upon for accuracy.


All wheels are spun for several minutes with slightly over-tightened cones for initial break-in. The cones are then readjusted with a slight bearing drag in expectation of some on-bike additional break-in. All wheels should be brought to a qualified bicycle mechanic after several miles of use for examination as to whether or not they are properly breaking in. Further hub/cone adjustment may be necessary.

Almost Always Provided With Spare Parts

99% percent of all wheels provided by Wheels By Fleming are sold with spare parts. The kind and amount of spare parts is largely determined by the class and level of wheel:

Spare parts are intended for the retail customer and are not intended for sale separately by wholesalers or retailers. The spare parts are a "peace of mind" insurance measure for the retail customer to offset the lack of a warranty that is common with bicycle wheels in general including those provided by Wheels By Fleming.

Limited Warranty

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